A Fire & Wire employee makes notes on a clipboard, standing in front of a Fire & Wire work vehicle

6 essentials for commercial fire safety: is your building fully equipped?

13 Sep, 2021 |

If you’re in the design and construction phase of a new commercial development, or making major structural changes to an existing commercial site, you need to consider fire safety measures and ensure you have the correct equipment on-site throughout the process. While it’s natural for developers to bring fire safety consultants in at an early […]

A Fire & Wire service technician holds a red fire extinguisher during a scheduled service.

Understanding fire safety equipment servicing and AESMR reports

13 Sep, 2021 |

Do you know when your fire extinguishers are due to be tested? Has someone inspected your fire indicator panel in the last 30 days? What about your fire and sprinkler pumps? Fire equipment servicing and maintenance can be a headache. But the good news is, while the responsibility of fire safety is yours, the burden […]

A birds-eye view of the Melbourne CBD, with cloudy fog overhead

Fire safety tips for winter: Don’t become complacent

9 Aug, 2021 |

While November to February is known as bushfire season, fires are not seasonal. They still cause devastation across Melbourne and regional Victoria in winter, and the commercial, corporate, and residential development sectors are not exempt from such destruction. While the weather outside might be cold and grey, the winter months aren’t the time to become […]

An illuminated exit lighting sign that meets Australian standards

Exit and emergency lighting testing standards: shining a spotlight on Victoria’s regulations

9 Aug, 2021 |

When testing emergency and exit lights and signs in the workplace, residential apartment, or other commercial building such as retailers or warehouses, there’s much more involved than simply switching a light off and on again. It’s important for all Melbourne businesses to understand Victoria’s exit and emergency lighting regulations. While emergency and exit lighting often […]

selection of fire extinguishers

How is fire safety maintained in high-rise buildings?

1 Jul, 2021 |

You may already be aware of regulations surrounding fire safety in high rise buildings, including fire system installation, but did you know your fire alarms need to be at a certain decibel level to be compliant?  In this article we wanted to share some tips and insights into high-rise fire safety protocols that you might […]

Shelving in a well-organised and safe warehouse

Top fire safety tips for warehouses and distribution centres

1 Jul, 2021 |

You know how the saying goes – “fail to plan, and you plan to fail.” Unsafe fire safety practices can put all three business-critical elements at risk in one fleeting moment, leading to loss of product, a pause in production, or worse – injury or death. Fire & Wire is responsible for the fire safety […]

Exterior view an apartment development with building cladding

Safe cladding is just one component of a safe building

17 Jun, 2021 |

It’s a sad reality that the terms ‘cladding safety’, ‘building cladding’, and ‘fire safe cladding’ are now synonymous with the tragic Grenfell Towers fire in London in 2017, and the significant fire of the Neo 200 building in Melbourne, both fuelled by combustible cladding insulation. What is often overlooked surrounding these cladding disasters, however, is […]

A member of the Fire and Wire fire safety training team stands in front of a company vehicle with a clipboard

Fire safety training, inspections, courses and solutions: we do more than just system installation

15 Jun, 2021 |

You may already know this, but Fire & Wire is a fire protection business that does things differently. For new building projects, we can offer a package that includes all aspects of fire installation (Wet and Dry), as well as electrical installation including lighting, power, security, and data. Generally, the fire industry at large tends […]

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Fire Safety Evacuation Plan: Is your building compliant?

5 May, 2021 |

If you are the owner, manager, or operator of a facility or public space, you will need to ensure your Fire Safety Evacuation Plan (also called a Fire Emergency Plan) is up to date. Neglecting to ensure your evacuation processes are compliant could result in unnecessary safety risks, or a hefty fine from regulatory authorities. […]

Fire and Wire fire protection team member at work

Is your business’ fire block plan up to date?

31 Mar, 2021 |

Did you know there has been a recent crackdown on businesses, both by the Victorian government and insurance companies, to ensure fire block plans (also called emergency plans) are compliant? As a compliance business, we’ve had to issue dozens of defect notices within Melbourne’s CBD and surrounding suburbs over the past 12 months alone. Without […]