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Everything you need to know about fire safety systems in schools

The first measure that any school should take is to install a high quality fire protection system with the help of local fire system installation experts. Another should be to have a sound fire action emergency plan and good training in place should a fire occur.

Take these simple measures and you’ll be better equipped to prevent fire, or minimise safety risks and property damage if fire does occur.


Fire protection systems in schools

A high-quality, custom-designed fire protection system in your school will make it a safer place for everyone – if it’s properly installed. Fire & Wire have over a century of combined experience installing fire protection systems and can ensure that yours is fit for purpose.

Our service starts with a consultation with you, an assessment of the building and a thorough inventory of all existing fire safety systems. Next, we make recommendations to improve your existing fire safety system.

Every school building is different but, generally speaking, this might include:

  • Fire detection systems for early warning of fire. This could include heat detectors and smoke detectors.
  • Fire alarms connected to emergency services.
  • Sprinkler systems to suppress and control fire.
  • Placing of fire extinguishers and fire alarms in accessible locations.
  • Correct fire safety signage and fire exits.

Installation of your fire protection system is only the first step. Afterwards it has to be regularly tested and maintained to ensure it continues to function as it should.

Fire & Wire make this as easy as possible, by regularly revisiting the site to test and maintain all equipment. From fire system installation to training and maintenance – we’re a one-stop-shop for fire safety in Melbourne.

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Teaching fire safety practices at school

Fire protection systems can play a huge role in keeping your students and staff safe – and so can effective fire safety training and education. In fact, if you have a workable plan in place and your staff know what to do in the event of a fire you can significantly reduce safety risks.

Fire & Wire’s training service can help you develop a fire safety evacuation plan to ensure your staff and students can get out. We can also train up to 10 staff per hour to ensure they’re confident reacting to an emerging fire, covering:

  • How to alert staff and students;
  • What different alert tones mean;
  • How to safely and effectively use fire extinguishers and fire blankets;
  • How to alert and greet the fire brigade;
  • Plus a range of other specific needs your staff may have.

Are your school’s fire protection systems and fire safety practices up to scratch? Gain peace of mind and ensure the safety of your staff and students – get in touch with Fire & Wire today.