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Fire & Wire – The Best Fire & Safety Solutions Provider in Melbourne


Fire & Wire is your ultimate fire and safety solutions provider in Melbourne. With over 60 years of combined experience and expertise in the industry of fire and safety, we install, test and maintain fire protection equipment in a wide range of industries that include The Department of Defence, Victorian government sites, hospitals, schools, food industry and commercial & residential structures.

With our clientele of more than 1500+ sites across Melbourne, we look forward to getting associated with you to add value to you and your business by taking care of all your Fire protection and Essential services.


What We Do For You

Fire and Wire offers a complete one-stop shop solution. We incorporate all services into quarterly invoices for your convenience. We monitor all levels of required works so you dont need to chase us up to find out what is due and when – just set and forget! All higher levels of service will be reported and quoted live. We have live reporting software so we know when our staff start and finish the work at your site. We give you an access portal which shows what servicing is due and when for up to 5 years.

Our services
Fire and Wire
Installing, servicing and maintaining
Fire and Wire are the preferred contractors for many builders-developers when it comes to installing complete fire safety solutions.
Fire and Wire
Compiling Australian Essential Services Maintenance Reports
Fire and Wire use independent reputable audit companies to make sure your AESMR’s are completed and compliant.
Fire and Wire
Delivering on site evacuation and basic extinguisher training
Fire and Wire offers all levels of training, from extinguisher use to full-blown evacuation and warden training.
Fire and Wire
Providing emergency services on call, 24 hours
We provide a 24/7 on call service. We provide phone support to those on site to deal with non-urgent matters to avoid unnecessary costs, but will attend the site when required.