A birds-eye view of the Melbourne CBD, with cloudy fog overhead

Fire safety tips for winter: Don’t become complacent

9 Aug, 2021 |

While November to February is known as bushfire season, fires are not seasonal. They still cause devastation across Melbourne and regional Victoria in winter, and the commercial, corporate, and residential development sectors are not exempt from such destruction. While the weather outside might be cold and grey, the winter months aren’t the time to become […]

An illuminated exit lighting sign that meets Australian standards

Exit and emergency lighting testing standards: shining a spotlight on Victoria’s regulations

9 Aug, 2021 |

When testing emergency and exit lights and signs in the workplace, residential apartment, or other commercial building such as retailers or warehouses, there’s much more involved than simply switching a light off and on again. It’s important for all Melbourne businesses to understand Victoria’s exit and emergency lighting regulations. While emergency and exit lighting often […]