Fire extinguisher training (along with regular maintenance) can make all the difference in the event of a fire – from minimizing or containing fire damage, to saving lives.

At Fire & Wire, we teach our clients how to operate fire equipment such as extinguishers, while also training in safety evacuations and fire drills. Anyone, whether they are in customer support roles, warehouse packers, or managers – should ensure their fire safety knowledge is up to date. As a minimum, we recommend fire wardens undertake fire extinguisher and evacuation training annually.


Interactive fire system training with Fire & Wire

We have been in business for 17 years and are Melbourne’s trusted fire equipment training and fire safety installation specialists.

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Your Fire & Wire fire safety trainer is not only highly experienced in the fire industry, but is also qualified as a Trainer and Assessor, so your participants will walk away both educated and actively engaged in fire safety training.

By the end of our customized programs (which could be as short as one hour or as long as a full day, depending on your requirements), your people will know how to confidently and safely respond in the event of a fire or hazardous incident, appropriately address safety breaches, and ensure equipment is maintained regularly.

At the end of the training, participants are also assessed on their knowledge and issued a certificate for proof of completion.

How fire training works

At Fire & Wire, we take the time to build bespoke training to suit your business’ requirements. We work with up to ten staff per hour, ensuring they’re confident to react to an emerging fire or hazardous situation with the knowledge and equipment they have on hand. 

Here are some of the fire training skills we teach fire wardens and staff:

  • How to safely evacuate a building through a fire safety evacuation plan
  • How to alert staff and residents;
  • What different alert tones mean;
  • How to safely and effectively use fire extinguishers and fire blankets;
  • How to alert and greet the fire brigade;
  • Plus a range of other business-specific needs your team may have.

Our registered trainer will work with your team at your premises, running through safety procedures in real time and with the correct equipment, before assessing the team on the completion of the training.


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Unsure if your Melbourne staff are adequately trained to deal with an emergency? Whether your business has recently hired new team members, or there has been a change in your fire warden personnel, we can help them feel confident in a fire emergency.

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