Fire & Wire commercial fire safety

6 essentials for commercial fire safety: is your building fully equipped?

13 Sep, 2021 |

If you’re in the design and construction phase of a new commercial development, or making major structural changes to an existing commercial site, you need to consider fire safety measures and ensure you have the correct equipment on-site throughout the process. While it’s natural for developers to bring fire safety consultants in at an early […]

A Fire & Wire AESMR reports

Understanding fire safety equipment servicing and AESMR reports

13 Sep, 2021 |

Do you know when your fire extinguishers are due to be tested? Has someone inspected your fire indicator panel in the last 30 days? What about your fire and sprinkler pumps? Fire equipment servicing and maintenance can be a headache. But the good news is, while the responsibility of fire safety is yours, the burden […]