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6 essentials for commercial fire safety: is your building fully equipped?

If you’re in the design and construction phase of a new commercial development, or making major structural changes to an existing commercial site, you need to consider fire safety measures and ensure you have the correct equipment on-site throughout the process.

While it’s natural for developers to bring fire safety consultants in at an early stage of construction planning, at Fire & Wire we see cases of major renovations to existing premises not taking the same measures. This can mean that further down the line, these renovations risk failing a council or insurance fire safety audit.


Fire safety consulting for commercial buildings

If your building doesn’t pass an insurance audit or successfully obtain council approval, your business could face major financial losses.

At Fire & Wire, we’re accustomed to retrofitting fire safety systems and equipment into existing, non-compliant buildings, saving our clients tens of thousands of dollars in fines and insurance premiums.


Commercial fire safety equipment: the 6 essentials

So what essential fire safety equipment should you have installed throughout your commercial building, to ensure safety and compliance?

We’ve devised a checklist below of the vital equipment, along with details on how regularly the items need to be serviced:

  • Fire indicator panels (monthly)
  • Sprinkler systems (monthly)
  • Fire and sprinkler pumps (monthly)
  • Exit and emergency lighting (every six months)
  • Fire extinguishers (every six months)
  • Fire and smoke doors (every three months)

Our commercial fire safety protection service and maintain all common equipment types across Melbourne and Victoria. Take your time to go over the equipment we service in commercial properties, and reach out if you need some professional guidance to ensure your building remains compliant.


Retrofitting fire safety protocols and equipment in commercial buildings

If you plan to expand your premises and change your building’s use, you may need to upgrade its essential fire safety equipment and protocols.

At Fire & Wire, we understand any interruption to business, such as pausing manufacturing within a warehouse, can impact your company’s bottom line. To mitigate this, we’ve created a retrofitting process for your fire safety equipment that doesn’t require shutting down.

Following a retrofit design and installation, we ensure you meet all safety requirements, so when your insurance assessor next stops by, you’ll be fully compliant and save on insurance premium increases.

For example, a Fire & Wire client wanted to add a loading bay to their warehouse, and their insurance company said this change could increase their premiums by up to $80,000 per year. When our team of fire safety consultants came onboard, we worked with the client to drastically reduce their fire risk, saving them thousands of dollars in annual insurance costs.

fire system installation - sprinkler system


Preparing for an insurance audit

Fire & Wire regularly works with companies to ensure they meet all fire safety standards ahead of insurance audits. In some cases, companies give us their design plans before construction, and we provide the most effective solution to meet safety standards.

Businesses can feel overwhelmed by compliance checks carried out by councils and insurers; they can be time-consuming and costly. As experts in fire safety solutions, we can take the stress away and help you pass all inspections with flying colours.

A Fire & Wire service technician providing fire safety maintenance


Avoid an insurance premium increase with Fire & Wire

Whether you’re planning a new building, upgrading your commercial premises, or have been operating for decades, it pays to have a professional fire safety team advising you along the way.

Hire us for your fire safety maintenance and pass your next insurance or council inspection with a breeze.

Contact us today to discuss your fire safety needs.