Emergencies can happen anytime, anywhere, and preparation is the key to a swift and effective response. If a crisis happens, you want to make sure your equipment is reliable and ready for action.

The best way to be adequately prepared for a fire in your building is to ensure your fire safety systems are frequently tested and maintained with a company that understands resident and tenant compliance and safety.

A company like Fire & Wire.


Fire safety starts with fire system maintenance

Fire safety involves many components and requires an ongoing focus, that’s why we offer ongoing fire system maintenance. Offering home or commercial fire protection, it starts with the design of the building and placement of sprinklers, detection, fire extinguishers and speakers, to continuing equipment maintenance, fire training, audits and reporting – there’s a lot to take into consideration to maintain safety of your people and your premises.

As building managers, developers, or any other role with responsibility for fire safety, it’s your responsibility to meet Australian Safety Standards. But when you work with a fire specialist company like us, we take on that responsibility for you.

Fire & Wire adhere to Australian standards and regulations, offering a complete end-to-end fire maintenance service for commercial and residential buildings.


What is included in a fire system maintenance checkup?


As part of our complete fire system maintenance offering, we service firewater storage, reticulation and pumping, while also maintaining passive fire protection systems such as ventilation ducts, access hatches, and intumescent fire dampeners.

Let us lighten your to-do list by independently testing all of your equipment and procedures to ensure you are compliant.

Our fire system maintenance service list includes the below, but this is just a small example from a very long list!

fire system maintenance

Fire system maintenance:

• AS2444 – Portable Fire Extinguishers & Fire Blankets
• AS2441 – Fire Hose Reels
• AS1670.1 – Fire Alarm Panels
• AS2118 – Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems
• AS2419.1 – Fire Hydrant Systems
• AS1905.1 – Fire and Smoke Doors
• AS3786 – 240v Smoke and Heat Alarms
• AS2293.1 – Emergency Lighting and Exit Signage
• AS1668.1 – Mechanical Air Handling Systems
• AS1670.4 – Emergency Warning and Intercommunication Systems
• AS2441 – Wheeled Fire Extinguishers

Keeping a record of your fire system maintenance

As a busy property developer, builder, or facilities manager, your time is often spread thin across many stakeholders and projects. Let us take on the fire safety responsibility for you, allowing you to set and forget your maintenance, leaving it in safe hands. 

If the annual fire safety statement or other regulatory reporting is giving you a headache, we can provide a fire safety report to ensure you remain compliant. We also make these available in a personalised dashboard for you, so you can retrieve and access historical service reports whenever you may need for auditing or insurance purposes.

How often should you be on top of fire system maintenance?

Your fire safety equipment needs to be checked and tested regularly, but this frequency will depend on the size and type of your premises, your industry, and the location of the building.

As a general rule of thumb, we often recommend the below fire system testing:

  • Check fire systems monthly; 
  • Service fire extinguishers 6 and 12 monthly;
  • Test smoke alarms every six to 12 months.

We make staying on top of these regulatory maintenance checks a breeze by scheduling in the works and sending you reminders of our staff coming on site. If you need after hours fire system maintenance, we can do that too! We can work around the shift changes in factories and other facilities to ensure production isn’t disrupted. 


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Unsure when your fire safety systems and equipment were last tested? Fire & Wire is proudly ISO certified and will ensure your building’s maintenance continues to adhere to council, state, and federal regulations. 

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