Fire safety protection system in Melbourne. Fire exit stairs in commercial building.

How to get the best commercial fire safety protection in Melbourne

20 Oct, 2021 |

Fire safety protection is a must-have, not a nice-to-have. But just having protections in place may not be enough to ensure your building, people and equipment are safe – you need a high quality, regularly maintained system that’s designed specifically for your needs. Sound complicated? It doesn’t have to be – Fire & Wire are […]

Fire system detection. Is your building's fire safety system up to scratch?

What to do when fire detection systems reach the end of their life

20 Oct, 2021 |

Of all fire safety installations, your fire detection system is your first, and best, line of defence. It is essential for detecting fire early, alerting building occupants of fire, triggering fire suppression systems and minimising property damage. However, if your fire detection system is poorly maintained or reaching the end of its useful life it […]