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At Fire and Wire, we care about you. We have an experienced and skilled team that can assist you, not only with Fire Suppression Services but also with Fire Equipment Services. Fire and Wire focuses on providing quality customer service and reaches out to a wide number of homes and businesses.

When it is time to have a new fire protection system installed, there are some crucial aspects everyone looks for in the new fire protection services company. The proper certifications and experience in the field are important to ensure that the company is capable of installing a fire protection system properly and to the appropriate industry standards. Dealing with a competitively priced firm helps new clients get the most value for their fire service budget. While tangible things like this are essential, there is another, far less measurable, aspect that should be present in any fire protection company one chooses to install a new system - Integrity.

IIntegrity is crucial because the fire service company is the expert in the field. A client is placing trust in the firm to point out and suggest coverage for every area that requires Fire Protection Services because the average person off the street would not know what needs doing.

This creates vulnerability because the client is largely placing his or her budget at the disposal of the fire service company. In the mildest cases where a fire protection service lacks integrity, the company's installers will use nonstandard, propriety installation methods that would confuse other industry professionals, locking clients into calling the same company for service. In the worst cases, like a dishonest car mechanic, the company can suggest repairs or upgrades that are not necessary, or even sabotage the system to generate service calls.

The second area where a dishonest fire service company can hurt clients is in the quality of their work. There are two ways a company can generate dishonest profits: by charging more than the work is worth and by cutting corners on the quality of service. While the net effect is the same - a higher profit margin, and both are very bad, cutting corners in a safety situation goes beyond bad and straight into hazardous.

By looking at a fire protection firm as the expert, clients are placing the safety of lives in the hands of the company. Any corner cut in service is a weakness in the system that could result in tragedy.

Dealing with a company that has a proven track record for integrity is something too many people in the market for fire service largely ignore. Choosing a company that has established itself as one that operates with integrity not only helps ensure that clients get exactly what they paid for, but can literally be the key to avoiding tragedy.

When you have questions pertaining to Fire Suppression Services or anything related to Fire Equipment Services – think only of Fire and Wire.

The team of Fire and Wire is highly skilled to help you with Essential Fire Protection, Fire Safety Equipment and Fixed and Portable Equipment.

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