It is sometimes overwhelming for those unfamiliar with Fire Safety Equipment to wrap their minds around the concept as a whole. This is especially true when talking to an industry professional who is intimately familiar with all the components within a quality Fire Protection System and how they interact. For the layman, one of the easiest ways to picture the system and how the parts interact is to humanise the entire fire safety equipment and imagine it as a "fire guard".


This is the detection equipment. Smoke detectors, heat detectors, certain gas detectors - they are all the means our fire guard uses to monitor the building for signs of a fire. One of the biggest mistakes budget minded alarm purchasers make is crippling their fire guard by not installing enough detection. The fire system is worthless if it cannot detect the fire, so it is a serious mistake to avoid installing detection in low traffic areas or places that house nothing of significant value because wherever a fire starts, the sooner it is discovered, the less chance someone will be injured and the more the chance the rest of the building will be saved.


These are the components that allow the protection system to respond when the eyes and ears have detected signs of a fire. The klaxons and flashing lights in the hallways let building residents know that an emergency is occurring and they need to evacuate. The magnetic door holders throughout a building can simultaneously release every fire door in the structure so that it slams shut. This is like having your fire guard sprinting through the building at the speed of light shutting doors to prevent the spread of smoke and fire. The phone connection to the fire department allows everyone to concentrate on getting out instead of alerting the appropriate authorities, as this connection will do this for you.


This is the computerised fire equipment system panel. It allows the building owners to determine exactly what the hands and voice do in a given situation. In some circumstances, an immediate complete evacuation could endanger lives. Imagine the alarm sounding in a hospital while doctors are in the middle of heart surgery. If they drop what they are doing, the patient is not going to make it. They wouldn't want this to occur because someone unwisely lit a cigarette too close to a fire detector so they would probably set their system not to sound a building wide alarm unless several detectors simultaneously find smoke.

Installing a quality fire alarm system is exactly like hiring a fire alarm guard - only one who never sleeps and will react in precisely the manner that he has been ordered to react.

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