Many building owners feel that having a quality fire protection system is an act that completely absolves them of responsibility in the unfortunate event of a fire. The truth of the situation is that installing a top notch system is only half the responsibility, the other half is ensuring that it remains optimally functional through regular service and inspection. This is one of the primary reasons as to why fire equipment maintenance is important.

While it is a given that this is an essential practice from a safety perspective, it is just as crucial a mindset from a financial aspect. There are two separate bodies that make maintaining your systems imperative: government inspectors and insurance companies.


Whether you look at things from the most idealistic perspective, Government is concerned with the safety of its citizens and works diligently to protect them. Work safe inspectors are heavily invested in having effective fire protection active in any building within their jurisdiction.

The minimum inspections are those where the inspector simply checks that all fire protection systems have been checked within inspection period. This is done by just walking around reading the log books, service records and maintenance tags where the fire service company signs off as it inspects each component. More in-depth inspections occur when the inspector decides to check that the sensors and alerts function properly instead of relying on the service company to have done so. In either case, the results of a failed inspection can be financially disastrous. The building can be declared unusable until the entire system has been tested and re-certified, a process that can take days weeks or months. In addition, heavy fines can be levied for failing a fire inspection.


Insurance customers versus insurance underwriters is a contentious relationship by its very nature. Underwriters make less money for themselves and their companies with each claim they must pay. Because of this, they will diligently search for any contractual violation on the part of the customer. In building fire insurance, there is very often a section that allows the insurance company to deny claims if it can be proven that the building owner was not up to date on fire system maintenance.

Having a good fire protection system installed is not the end of responsibility, it is the price paid to be able to carry out the responsibility of keeping a building protected. Any building owner should place timely fire system testing high on the list of priorities to prevent financial disaster. Fire Equipment Maintenance plays a vital role and it should be at the top of your priority list.

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