Faultless fire compliance and safety service is the idea that a building owner has met every legal and reasonable standard to secure the protection of those within the building. Failing to meet this standard can result in both financial and legal catastrophe. There is only one way to reliably ensure such compliance.

Financial Consequences

The first and most obvious financial consequence of not having the proper fire compliance equipment and procedures is the building itself burning down, along with everything in it. While the proper insurance covers fires, it is always contingent on the building owner doing his or her part to prevent and minimize the impact of fires. In the event that an insurance investigation finds the owner deficient in this area, they will no more pay the claim than if the owner had set the building on fire deliberately.

Another major financial exposure in the event of a fire in a building that has not met faultless compliance standards is lawsuits. In today's litigious society, a large fire while people are in a building is almost certain to generate lawsuits. Aside from direct damage and medical bills, a judge will often weed out the nuisance "psychological damage" suits as the opportunistic money grab they usually are - unless the building owner can be shown to be at fault for not attempting to protect the occupants of the building. In these cases, suits will sometimes be upheld as an additional putative measure.

Legal Consequences

It is not just a good idea on a building owner's part to protect the occupants of the structure. It is very often a legal responsibility. As an example, certain configurations of air conditioning systems require electric and data cabling that is rated for that air conditioner type because in a fire it does not produce harmful fumes that could travel through the ventilation system. Using cabling that does not meet this standard becomes a crime if a fire occurs and those fumes do reach people.

How to Ensure Faultless Fire Compliance

Fire codes are a vastly complicated affair. Like tax codes, the specifics vary by geographic location and the specific circumstances in question. Also like tax codes, the only people who can keep up with the ever changing specifics are those whose actual business it is to do so. In other words, to be in full compliance with all fire safety regulations for a given application, consult with a professional who has knowledge of both the area in question and the type of building.

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